What is Energy? And How Does It Relate to Reiki?

My intention in presenting the following videos for your viewing pleasure is not to create scientists, theologians, or theoretical physicists of you. It is to present you with varying perspectives on the topic of ‘energy‘ by people who are experts in their field of study and research.

Please be attentive when viewing these videos, I encourage you to be open-minded to the possibilities and potentials offered by the presented points of view.

When you watch these videos, you may ask what does this information have to do with Reiki?

When we come to understand that everything is energy (simply in different and varying states), and we realize that the word ‘Reiki’ quite simply means ‘sacred’ or ‘of spirit’ (Rei) and ‘energy’ (ki), we come to know that the training in Mosaic Reiki Ryoho is the awareness, ability, and practicing of our abilities to influence Reiki and in so doing possibly altering a current state-of-being into a more optimal state-of-being.

Even moving to the state of discernment that another’s opinion of me is simply that (formed by their own conditioning and life experiences to date) and allowing them their opinion without judging or condemning them is a significant altering of my thoughts, subsequent perceptions and, resultant actions. 

So, it’s all Reiki. We are all, Reiki.

It’s how we influence Reiki through focused and persistent practice that can offer us a fulfilled life, a sense of peace, contentment, gratitude and, compassion where before existed uncertainty, need for acceptance, comparison, feelings of unworthiness or dis-empowerment.

Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart

~Deborah Rozman of the Heartmath Institute.


Dozens of studies have documented the benefits of meditation. Researchers have observed lowered blood pressure, anxiety and depression relief, increased brain “gray matter,” and pain relief, to name a few. Meditation practices also achieve heart/brain coherence. “In meditation, different methods produce heart signatures —  a loving-kindness meditation shows a different signature than say, a mindfulness meditation. Loving-kindness practices shift the heart into a different state, called coherence, a synchronized heart/brain neurology,” McCraty said.

HeartMath has developed practices and technologies to support heart/brain coherence, but McCraty shared some fundamental principles. “ The HeartMath tools, techniques and training process all have one thing in common — they operate in the present moment. 

The method is to 1. focus on the heart, 2. activate compassion, 3. and radiate that feeling to self and others.” This simple, deliberate method can relieve stress, anxiety, or depression, and lead to all the countless other benefits of heart coherence.

With persistent practice, the exercise becomes a habit. Braden said, “There are four key words for coherence: appreciation, gratitude, care, and compassion. When we practice moving into states aligned with one of these words, or some combination of the four, we create communication between the heart and the brain. This practice takes about three days to establish new neural network habit patterns supporting the heart/brain connection and communication.”

This coherence is not only beneficial to us as individuals — it is possible to create coherence on larger scales than we might imagine. To learn more about what Martin and McCraty call “Global Coherence,” watch this interview with Martin and Regina Meredith on Gaia. To explore the science of the heart’s intelligence, watch this segment of the Gaia series Inspirations, with Lisa Garr.

A theoretical physicist’s perception of energy, cosmos, quantum physics,  and much more. In watching this, please don’t think you need to understand quantum physics. Nassim has some interesting theories, etc. and a fun way of presenting his thoughts and work.